Snow and Shadow by Dorothy Tse

Snow and Shadow - Dorothy Tse

**Thank you Netgalley and Muse for providing this in exchange for an honest review**


I believe this may be the weirdest book I've ever read. I'm a bad reader when it comes to Anthologies. I usually read the first few stories and set the book aside. I always say I'll pick it back up soon, but that very rarely ever happens. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've only ever finished one Anthology, besides this one, and that was only because there was a main story connecting everything together. Really, that's my main issue with anthologies. Short stories are exactly that. Short full stories. I know how the last story I read ends. Its too easy for me to say "Ok, I know how that ended. I'll just finish this novel sitting here beside me and then I'll read this next story". Problem is, I'll say that over and over again. Without a continuous story to keep my full attention, Anthologies are set back on the shelf and forgotten. This title took me forever to finish, BUT I did finish it. That should say a lot as to how much I enjoyed it. The stories were so different from anything I've ever read read before. I tend to avoid books that are loaded with sex. I'm glad they're out there for the readers who enjoy them, but they just aren't my cup of tea. The sex scenes in these stories were so bizarre, they weren't like anything I've come across before. The violence, while extreme, wasn't done in a gross-out kind of way.


I really hope to see a full length novel by Tse someday. Her storytelling is definitely unique