The Killer Next Door: A Novel , by Alex Marwood

The Killer Next Door: A Novel - Alex Marwood

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This was excellent!


Collette has an easy job. Sure, deep down she knows she is paid with dirty money, but its a lot of money. One night she sees something she shouldn't have and has to go on the run. After a few years of constantly moving around, she eventually makes it to 23 Beulah Grove. At first, she thinks this is the perfect place to stay for awhile. Due to a family issue, she must stay put for awhile. She needed somewhere to stay where people wouldn't be too curious about her. Somewhere the neighbors wouldn't ask too many questions. One walk through the building tells her 23 Beulah Grove is that kind of place. The only reason the other tenants would live in a slum-hole like it would be because they also were hiding from someone or something.


I loved, loved, loved this book. The characters and surroundings were well developed. While Collette is technically the main character, there was no secondary character feel to the "side" characters. This story was equal parts character and story driven and told from alternating POVs. When you were with one of the "secondary", you felt like they were the one that the book was actually about. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was a short romance that took place. I can take or leave a romance story line. The aren't usually a selling point for me, but its very rare that they ding my opinion in a story. This one, unfortunately, did cause a ding. It came across forced and really had no impact on the overall story. It felt like an after thought that was thrown in because...well, why the hell not. This will definitely be a reread for me and I look forward to reading Marwood's The Wicked Girls