In the Woods by Tana French

In the Woods  - Tana French, Steven Crossley
During the summer of 1983, in the small village of Knocknaree, three children go missing. The three children were seen playing together, just like they had been doing for years. This day would not end like the others. Three children go into the wood, but only one of them ever comes out. Not even the bodies of the other two children are ever found. The little boy, Adam, is found in a catatonic state, and even after he recovers, never remembers what happened after they entered the woods.

Twenty years, and a name change later, the boy who survived, now named Rob, returns to Knocknaree as a Inspector for the Dublin Murder Squad. The body of a little girl has been discovered at a archaeological site in Knocknaree. Some of the people believe this new murder may be related to the 1984 murders. Others believe it has to do with the heated dispute over the new motorway that's being built through the village. Along with the pressures of a high profile case, Rob must also deal with his inner demons of the past.

I think this is a first. The book was a solid 5 Star read, but I will never read it again. The writing, characters, and plot are fabulous. However, this is a brutal book. It completely wore me out mentally and emotionally. But again, everything about the book was phenomenal. Even though I cringed through almost the entire thing, I couldn't wait to get home, press play on my laptop and find out what was going to happen next. I need a little time before I can handle another book in the series, but I'm really looking forward to it.