The Edge of Life , by Joe Hart

The Edge of Life: A Short Horror Story - Joe Hart

Imagine you and the family are home. You're all off in different sections of the house and everyone one is making their own noises in the background. The door bell rings and you answer it. There's this freaky little man on your doorstep and he basically says "Hey there! So, I just killed your whole family, BUT if you're a good little man I'll give them life again if you kill someone else for me". You automatically think this guy is off his rocker. First off, who goes to someone's house and says something like that? Second, you know yourself. You would not and could not kill an innocent person for any reason. You shut the door,turn around, and realize your house has gone quiet. Not the types of quiet where maybe things are in a lull, but that silence that tells you that you are the only living being in the house. Are you really sure you couldn't kill another human being to save your own children?


This was an excellent little short story! This year I decided I wanted to read at least 52 short stories/novellas. The number of them I have is starting to get out of control. This recently came up on my feed when friend read it. She rated it 5 stars, so I thought it was worth at least a try. I was not disappointed. For me, short stories tend to have an unfinished feel to them. I didn't get that at all from this. More titles by Hart will definitely make their way to my TBR pile.