The Americans by Chitra Viraraghavan

The Americans - Chitra Viraraghavan

**Thank you HarperCollins/Fourth Estate India and Edelweiss for providing this in exchange for and honest review**


Okay, so I'm not really sure how to review this book. Normally I'd start off with a book description involving the plot, then move on with my opinions of the story, setting, and characters.


This book doesn't have a single storyline. Its has many mini stories. I just barley hesitate to call it an anthology. If it wasn't for the fact that each POV is continuous through out the book, I'd say that's actually what this is.


The Americans is told from 12 different POVs. This book was entirely character driven. Thankfully Viraraghavan's character development was phenomenal. Each voice was unique and distinctive. Each POV was told in 10-20 page sections. I'll admit there was a time or two where I couldn't place a character at first. However just a sentence or two into the section I'd be able to remember everything about them. Not all the characters were likable, but they were very realistic. I felt like I was reading about real human beings.


Some of the setting were great, but others not so much. For this particular title, that didn't really bother me. The surroundings that were important to the story were strong. The settings that didn't need to be more then the equivalent of background noise were exactly that.


The only thing that really took away any enjoyment for the book was the vague endings. Most of the POVs ended with a unfinished feel to them.


I would definitely read more books by this author


One thing I want to mention is the Table of Contents list only 11 of the 12 characters in the story. My version is a ARC, so this might be something they change during the editing process.