Jackaby by William Ritter

Jackaby - William Ritter
Abigail has spent her whole life hearing about exciting digs her father goes on. He works in the fields of Anthropology and Paleontology and never would have guessed the sense of adventure he was installing in his daughter. She knows if she stays where she is the only only adventures she'll have are vicariously through others. When she sees the chance to have her own adventure, she jumps at it before anyone can stop her. After a few fails she ends up in New England. She is in need of f a job, hopefully one with room and board. By chance, she happens to run into a detective, Jackaby. Jackaby works on cases that deal with otherworldly beings, and luckily for Abigail, he is in need of an assistant. He tries to send her on her way, but when things heat up with Jackaby's latest case, she decides she wants in on it and no one is going to stop her.
This was kind of a hard story to rate. The mystery is pretty slow, and at times flat out boring. I would rate the mystery itself at around 2 Stars. However, I really liked the characters and Ritter's writing style. Even the boring bits weren't too painful because the characters were strong enough to keep me interested. I hope the mystery is stronger in the next installment. I can easily see Abigail and Jackaby carrying another book with a weak story, but one maybe two more books would be it. I look forward to Beastly Bones, which will be released September 2015.
**Thank you Algonquin Books and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for and honest review**