Raise money for RAINN, laugh at Theodore Beale

Reblogged from Dor Does Books:

You may or may not be familiar with the name Theodore Beale. He is also known as Vox Day. Tl;dr version: he's not keen on women's rights and was kicked out of the SFWA for calling N.K Jemisin 'an educated, but ignorant half-savage'. 


Blogger Natalie Luhrs has a copy of one of his books. For every $5 raised for RAINN (or, as she mentions in the comments of her blog, for your own local charity doing similar work) she will livetweet one page using the hashtag #readingVD. If she raises $2000, she'll read the whole. damn. thing.


Her blog post with details of how to register your donation to the official count is here. Her Twitter is here.


She's already up to $825. The read has BEGUN.