Frog by Mo Yan

Frog - Mo Yan, Howard Goldblatt

I'm officially calling it quits with this one. I've been piking it up and putting it back down for over four months now. I think it's just a case of the author's writing style not fitting with my taste. The description grabbed my attention right away. I love historical fiction featuring strong woman who make it even when all the odds are staked against them. I knew we'd hear Gugu's story through her nephew, but I thought her story would be the bulk of the book. Up to 37% (where I'm DNFing), we do get to see parts of Gugu story. However, once you really start getting into it, Tadpole will take over again. I already own another book or two by Mo Yan, but now I'm not sure I'll read them. 


**Thank you PENGUIN GROUP Viking for providing this in exchange for an honest review**