I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Please bare with me. This is going to be pretty ranty and maybe a little incoherent.


Goodreads has me mad at myself. I've allowed them to interfere with my pleasure of reading.


Along with many others I have been in a reading slump since Goodreads new review policy has come out. When I first saw the announcement I was shocked. I was outraged when I saw reviews were being deleted without notice. However, I didn't get too worried about this policy standing. I saw so many people pointing out valid concerns. There were even authors saying "No, no, no! This is a bad idea!". I was confident that when Monday morning came they would realize this was a mistake (silly me, right?). When it became clear they weren't even willing to address concerns, I became furious. I'm not even a real reviewer. If I write 15 reviews a year I'm on a roll. I'm not even a blip on their screen. To them I'm just some faceless body behind a screen. And yet I allowed them to get me so riled I haven't been able to focus on my books. 


When it comes to SPAs, I depend on those BBA reviews and shelves. By the time we pay our bills, there isn't much "fun" money left over. I refuse to sped what little book money I have on a author who will attack reviewers. I refuse to spend my money on an author who spams every person and thread they come across. I refuse to spend my money on authors who support (in some cases, encourage) posting reviewers home addresses. I've seen few SPAs who are fangirling over this new policy. They believe the removal of these shelves and reviews will prevent frightening away potential customers. They're probably right, to a point. I don't see them gaining 100s of sales like they probably do. I see maybe 3 or 4. However, they fail to remember there are people like me. I won't buy an SPA title if I can't verify the author isn't loony. I may download a free book from an unknown SPA, but it will sit on my kindle TBR pile. So while the worst SPAs are patting themselves on the back, the well behaved ones are losing potential sales. 


Which brings me back to me reading slump. I've had that mess of thoughts floating around in my head. I can't focus on what I'm reading. My husband caught me reading the same page 5 times this morning. So, I've decided I'm done with it. I'll keep my GRs account for the groups, but that's it. I will not post the few reviews I write on the site. As soon as I can double check and make sure everything is ok with my import here, I will delete all my reviews and TBR list. I'm done. It's clear they aren't going to change their minds. I'm not going to allow them to continue interfering with my reading. They don't want to hear their users opinions? Fine. Screw 'em. I have Booklikes (which by the way has some of the most amazing customer service I have ever seen).