Wishing Stars: Space Opera Fairytales - Nenia Campbell I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fairy tales. Even if you don't like sci-fi. I don't care for sci-fi. I'm glad it's out there for other people, but its just not my cup of tea. However, Fairy Tale retellings is one of my favorite genres. So when I saw this was on sale for $0.99 I had to get it. I'm so glad I did! As with all short story collections, some stories were stronger then others. My favorite by far was Blood of My Blood and my least favorite was probably Deep Blue Nightmare which isn't surprising since I've never been a huge fan of Bluebeard .It was a lot of fun figuring out which tale was being told (I still can't figure out what tale Iceheart is retelling). Oh and the poems! I loved all the poems!! It's hard to say which one was my favorite, but I think I liked Balthys the Fair the best.When it comes to paid Kindle books, I'm a hard sale. Even if it is only $0.99. I don't like that I can only lend them once (if that). There are very few authors I enjoyed enough that I'm actually willing to buy their books in Kindle format. If Nenia ever writes another fairy tale book, I will buy it as soon as she loads it to Amazon.NENIA, PLEASE WRITE MORE FAIRY TALES!!! :D