A Small Hill to Die On - Elizabeth J. Duncan I used to love cozies. For awhile I was blowing through them like there was no tomorrow. The past year or so I've had more DNF cozies then finished ones. Everything about them is just so....trite. I've had A Small Hill to Die On sitting on my shelf for months now. Every once in awhile it'd catch my eye, but then I'd remember the issues I've been having with cozies, and grab my newest fantasy instead. Right now I'm in the mood for short, quick reads. So I figured what the hell. Worst comes to worst I'll just DNF another cozy. I'm so glad I chose this book! I had forgotten how much I love this series! This is one of the very, very few cozy series I will continue to read. The mystery was the best in the series so far and a loose end from the other books is finally tied up. I'm sad I have to wait another few months for the next book in this series :(