Opal Fire - Barbra Annino Fantastic first in series!!! Opal Fire is about Stacy Justice, a reluctant witch and reporter for her quirky hometown paper. One night while helping at her cousin's bar, the bar it set ablaze with Stacy, her cousin Cin, and her Great Dane Thor still inside. After Cin is accused of arson and a dead body is found in the building, Stacy sets out to solve the case and hopefully come to terms with her magical gift.At first glance, yes, this sounds like you're run of the mill witchy mystery. But this book is so much more! The characters are extremely likeable and believable, the story never drags, the killer was NOT obvious until the very end, and this book had me laughing out loud in more then a couple parts. Even the secondary characters had strong personalities. I'm so glad I have the second book already. This is one book I can see myself rereading!