The Distant Hours - Kate Morton 2.5 StarsDid you ever come across a newer author and get so excited because they made you feel all their books are going to be great? The kind of author who's first few books are so wonderful, you have to force yourself to wait to read whatever else they have available? You enjoy them so much you'd consider selling your soul to get your greedy little hands on their next book? That's how I used to feel about Kate Morton. I loved the author's first two books, and expected the same quality from her third. I was sorely disappointed. Where I didn't want The Forgotten Garden or The House at Riverton to end, I couldn't wait for this one to. When you strip everything away, the basic story is a great idea, the characters a very likeable, and the surroundings are beautifully described. But, where the hell was Morton's editor? This book was seriously bogged down with useless, rambling, unimportant thoughts and descriptions. What makes this so infuriating is even though Morton felt the need to ramble on and on about nothing, unless I missed them, there were still loose ends at the end of the book!! The book felt like Morton was trying to write a gothic story along the lines of Brontë or Collins. She should never do this again, because she fails. Miserably.If this had been my first Kate Morton book, it would have been my last. I will still read her next book, but I am no longer overly excited about it