I loves you, Netgalley!

So, I opened a Netgalley account the other day. I had noticed a friend on GRs started reading a Graphic Novel that looked amazing (In Real Life by Cory Doctorow), and she mentioned it was from Netgalley. I decided I wanted in. I set up my account, requested the title, and was promptly denied. I know my reviews are not very good. They aren't well worded or very polished, but that's ok with me. Even if my reviews are not as pretty as most, they're still my honest opinion. And I am working on improving my reviewing skills.  In other words, I got the response I expected. What I did not expect was to wake up tonight to find I had been approved for 5 other books I had requested. Three of them are even from big publishers! I'm so excited. ^_^