The Frangipani Hotel: Stories by Violet Kupersmith

The Frangipani Hotel: Fiction - Violet Kupersmith

**Thank you to Random House and Netgalley for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review**

I don't usually rate a book of short stories this high. For me, short stories lack the space needed to fully develop a story. There isn't enough time for adequate world building. Just when the characters are finally established, the story is wrapping up. Violet Kupersmith has impressed me with her ability to write fulfilling short stories.

Overall I really enjoyed this collection. They were creepy and atmospheric, just the way I like my horror. I like a good disembowelment just as much as anyone, but gore doesn't scare me. More then anything , I'm likely to giggle at a bloodbath scene. But ghost? Shadows that disappear as soon as you try to focus on them? Random noises when you know your alone? A strong decomposing odor that comes and goes? They'll have me huddled in the corner hiding under a blanket. While I'm sure I never heard the Vietnamese versions of these stories, I did recognize a couple. There are certain scary stories that exist in every culture. It was neat getting to see another take of stories I grew up with.