Who are you and how did you find me?

I don't have many friends or followers over on Goodreads. There are a couple reasons for this. First, I'm usually too self conscious to comment on statuses or review. It's kind of like when you're the new kid in school. You see a group of people having a conversion that interest you. You want to join in, but you just feel awkward dong so. These people already know each other. They know each others sarcastic comments when they hear them. What if you say something that sounds ok in your head, but it doesn't translate well on the screen? So anyway, that's why I don't really comment. Very little communication = very little friends. Another reason is my reviews aren't the type that people are waiting for and want to..


WAIT! WAIT! STOP!! Don't run away!!! I swear this isn't a pity party or fishing for friends. I promise! This is just so you can understand why I find this next part so baffling. 


In the past week I have received 10 friend request over on Goodreads. Nine of them were brand new accounts. We didn't have any friends in common and we're not following the same people. Now this is why I put the first part in there. I'm not found on many friends list. I don't have many followers and my reviews are not anywhere near the top. So how are these people finding me? A lot of you probably get strange friend request all the time. For a small fry it's a weird thing. I usually turn these down right away due to paranoia. Isn't that sad? There are so many Rabid fans, BBA, and crackpots out there, I just don't trust unestablished accounts. Why automatically try the Friend button? There's no way for you to know who I am. Why not follow me and see if you actually want to interact with me? There's a reason that the Follow button is there. If I send a friend request, it's because you and I both know who each other are. We've interacted somewhere and I know you'll recognize me when I send you the request. If I'm not sure you'll know who I am, I'll just follow you. To me, this seems like the way normal way this process works (<- This is what I mean by something sounding find in my head. Rereading the last few sentences, it comes across as pretty bitchy. Not at all how I mean it to sound.).  So, again, who are these people and how did they find me? Am I over paranoid? Do you find it strange when people you've never interacted with send you a request?