Starring Me and You by Genevieve Cote

Starring Me and You - Geneviève Côté

**Thank you to Kids Can Press and Netgalley for providing this title in exchange for an honest review**


This is a wonderful little book for preschool aged children. Bunny and Piggy decide they want to do a play. However, each has their own idea on what play they should do. Bunny wants to dress up as sunflowers and do a musical. Piggy wants to wants to play pirates who are shipwrecked. We all know what happens when when two younger children refuse to compromise.


This book shows children people don't have to agree on everything to be friends. It also shows, if you're willing to meet your friends half way, you might end up having more fun with a mixture of both ideas.

The illustrations are simple, but cute as all get out. I used to love these types of illustrations as a child. They looked like a child could draw  them. I used to spend hours trying to copy them and I remember the pure joy when I was finally able to get them just right. I think this would be a great addition to preschool classrooms