The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

The Most Magnificent Thing - Ashley Spires

**Thank you Kids Can Press and Netgalley for providing this title in exchange for an honest review**

This is the story of a little girl who wants to make the most magnificent thing. She knows exactly what its supposed to do and what it should look like. The only problem is, try as she might, she just can't get it right.

This book promotes two very good lessons. The first is don't give up. Even though your first few attempts might be all wrong, you will succeed eventually. The little girl goes through quite a few designs before her invention finally becomes the Most Magnificent Thing. The second lesson was patience. It showed how the more exasperated she became, the further her design was from what she wanted. It showed if you step away, cool down, and clear your head a little you might notice things you missed before. After she took a calming walk, she realized every single one of her failures had something perfect about them. These perfect parts coming together is what made her Magnificent thing.

I really like the illustrations. They are very reminiscent of the characters in Pixar films.