Hexed by Michelle Krys

Hexed - Michelle Krys

**Thank you Random House and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for and honest review**


I loved this book. YA used to be my main go to genre. Sadly, it seems the overall quality of the genre has gone down hill the past few years. I read fewer YA titles every year because of it. This is the first YA title this year that makes me want to trade my soul in exchange for having its sequel NOW. This was a lighter book, but unbelievably refreshing. It is equal parts action, suspense, and humor. 


Indigo starts out as part of a "Mean Girls" clique. She is on the cheerleading squad and dates the most popular football player in the school. Her and her best friend, Bianca, have spent years working their way up the social ladder to get to where they are. While Indie doesn't always agree with the popular crowd, she isn't about to say anything that might compromise her social standing. Besides, her outcast neighbor (and former friend) Paige and Wiccan Mother threaten her status enough as it is. As Indie is leaving school one day, Paige catches her off guard and asks for a ride. Indie quickly agrees in hopes that she can get away before any of her friends seeing her and Paige together. Little did either know, this short drive would change their lives.


This book has everything you could want. Great writing, a likable, believable heroine, fully fleshed out secondary characters, a family unit that is actively involved in each others lives, magic, and a little romance. I have to say my favorite character in this book was one of the secondary characters. Paige was a breath of fresh air. So often the bookish outcast is portrayed as a complete loser. They want to fit in. They don't see themselves as an equal to their peers. Paige doesn't care about any of that. She knows who she is and what she likes. She couldn't care less what the popular crowd thinks of her. She'll take watching Jeopardy with a real friend over this weekends drunken party thankyouverymuch.