Crow Blue by Adriana Lisboa

Crow Blue - Adriana Lisboa, Alison Entrekin

**Thank you Bloomsbury and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for an honest review**


Vanja is thirteen when her mother dies. She decides to leave Rio de Janeiro for the United States. She hopes her mother's ex-husband,  Fernando (a man she has never met), can help her find her biological father. Once in Colorado, Vanja finds out Fernando was a resistance fighter years ago in Brazil. Blue Crow is the story of Vanja's present and Fernando's past.


This could have been a wonderful book. It had strong, realistic characters and the world building left nothing to be desired. It was the story execution that failed. The writing is all over the place. A paragraph may start with Vanja and Fernando talking about everyday life, and finish with a scene from Fernando's Guerrilla past. All without any logical reason for it. 


Also, the two story lines didn't work well together. I think they both would have been great as their own stories, but not combined like they are here. Hearing Fernando's old life told through Vanja's voice just didn't feel right. It felt forced.


Even with a talent for strong characters and world building skills, I don't think Lisboa is a author I'd seek out.