The City by Dean Koontz

The City - Dean Koontz

**Thank you Bantam and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for an honest review**

This was my first Koontz, and I have to admit, it was a bit of a let down. My sister is a huge fan of the author. She has been telling me for years how "creepy" his books are and how they "make her stay up all night" so she can finish reading them. When I saw this on Netgalley, I couldn't resist requesting it. I was looking forward to all the awesomeness my sister has been talking about for years.

This is a historical fiction title with a tiny bit of the supernatural weaved in here and there. I thought the premise was interesting, but the story moved a snails pace. I also didn't think much of the characters. I didn't dislike any of them, but Meh is how I felt about all but one of them. And, of course, the one major and one minor characters I did really like were the only ones to die. I'll still give Odd Thomas a try at some point, but I'll continue to choose Stephen King if I want a horrorish mystery type book.