London's Strangest Tales: The Royal Palaces by Iain Spragg

London's Strangest Tales: The Royal Palaces: Extraordinary but True Stories - Iain Spragg

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This will be a very short review for a very short book. If you're a fan of trivia books, you tend to see certain stories pop up over and over again. While this book did have a few I've come across before, most of these were new to me. Spragg has a very enjoyable writing style and I could see myself reading more titles by him. While these stories were very interesting, I wouldn't necessarily consider most of them to be strange. They're really all over the place. You have your strange ones(Hampton's Eight-Legged Epidemic), heartbreaking ones (An Undignified Exit for Anne), infuriating ones (The Feral Youth from Hanover), and spooky ones (The Ghostly Grey Lady). I plan on reading more of the Strangest series