Moorehead Manor by David McMullen-Sullivan

Moorehead Manor - David McMullen-Sullivan

Somewhere between 2.5 Stars and 3 Stars


This was an enjoyable read, but I did find it lacking in spots. The first few pages read like something you would expect from a high school writing project. Overall there was more telling then showing. There were parts of dialog I didn't find believable. Face it, your average teenage boy is not going to use the word "Gosh". However, even with these shortcoming, this was very creepy. While the characters could have been better developed, they were still very likable. I absolutely loved Alice. I really wish she had been the focal point of the story. The author did do an excellent job with the Manor setting. Seriously, it was creepy as hell. I don't think I'd recommend this to anyone, but I would certainly recommend keeping an eye out for future titles by this author. I do see a lot of potential in his writing.